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Fall Leagues 2020- Get your friends to join!!

At Galaxy Lanes we make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have fun. Check out our current Fall Leagues. You can still join all leagues after their starting dates! Most leagues are bowling a split  season and will restart in January.To register for a league click the link below, or give us a call at 810-695-2700

League Sign Up
Name of League Day Start Time Start Date Team Size
 Monday Senior Trio (50 yrs & older) Monday 12PM- 12 weeks October 5th ,2020 3 Per Team
Mens Monday Niters/ Monday 6PM Sept. 28th 5 Man Teams
Flint City/Any Combo* Monday 6PM TBA 5 Per Team
DUANE CLINTON SR CLASSIC Monday  12pm JAN 4TH, 2021 5 per team
TBA = To Be Announced        
        3 Per Team
Kids Youth 8 x 8 Tuesday 5PM TBA ( 8 & 14 weeks) 2 per Team
Tuesday 7pm Trio Tuesday 7pm 9/29/20 3 per team
Hill Road Bowlers (Any Combo*) Tuesday 7PM 9/22/20 4 Per Team
Ladies Star Shooters Wednesday 6:30PM 9/23/20 5 Per Team
Wednesday Auto City Mens** Wednesday 6PM 9/23/20 5 Man Team
$10-10 week Choose A Prize League Wednesday 7PM 10/14 4 Per Team (Any Combo)
Thursday Men Thursday 6PM 10/1 5 per Team
Ladies Strikers Doubles 10 weeks Thursday 6PM 10/1 2 per Team
Midnight Trio (Any Combo*) Thursday 12AM 10/1 3 per Team
Wide Awake Trio (Any Combo) Friday 10AM 10/2 3 per Team
Fri. Guys & Dolls Mixed Doubles Friday 6PM (every other week) 10/9/2020 4 per Team
Just For Fun (Any Combo) Friday 6PM (every other week) TBA 4 per Team
Kids Youth Saturday 9:15AM TBA 2 per Team
Adult/Child Doubles Saturday 9:15AM TBA 1 adult & 1 child
Kids Youth Saturday 10:45AM TBA 2 per Team
Mixed Doubles& Any Combo Saturday 6PM (every other week) 9/27 & 10/3 4 per Team
Adult/Child Sunday 9:15AM TBA 1 adult & 1 child
Kids 8x8 League Sunday 9:15AM TBA (8 weeks) 2 per Team
Adult/Child Doubles Sunday 10:45AM TBA(13 weeks) 1 adult 1 child
Mixed Doubles Sunday 6PM (every other week) 9/27/20 4 per Team
$10 for 10 weeks Free Ball League Sunday 7PM 10/18/20 4 per Team

2226 E. Hill Rd. Grand Blanc, MI 48439