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 8x8 Free Ball Kids and Adult League

These are 2 game bowling leagues with use of rental shoes, a custom fit bowling ball and a pizza party on the last night of bowling. There is a $22 Registration Fee for Youth (Includes Trophy) and a $22 Registration for Adults.

 Fall Adult League (4 Per Team)

 Sundays at 7pm starting Nov. 3rd, 2019 

  • No Bowling Holiday weekends
    • League meeting is at 6:45pm the first night


      Fall 8 Week Youth League (Free Ball available)

    Youths can bowl for only $6.50 weekly with a $7.00 registration fee if they don't need a ball. $8.00 weekly with a $22 registration fee if you want a new ball!!

    Bumpers are available on both youth & ad/child leagues.


       8 week youth league are on:

    Saturdays at 9:15am or 10:45am starting Nov.2nd, 2019

    Sundays at 9:15am starting Nov 10th, 2019

    Tuesdays at 5pm starting Nov.5th , 2019

    Fall 8 week 2 game Adult/Child Leagues

    Saturdays or Sundays at 9:15am starting Nov.2nd and 10th, 2019

    Same price per person as the youth league.

    Call or go online to sign up.


    • Certified Youth Fall Saturdays at 10:45am

      The Space Invaders is a 14 week USBC certified league. Sept.7th, 2019.  Weekly fees are $8.00 and includes 3 games and use of ball and shoes with trophies given out at the banquet. There is a $22 registration fee.  2 person teams.

    • Certified Youth league Tuesdays at 5:00pm

    • The ET's is a 14 week USBC certified league.  Starts Sept 10th, 2019. Weekly fees are $8.00 and includes 3 games and use of ball and shoes with trophies given out at the banquet.  There is a $22 registration fee. 2 person teams.


           Certified Adult/Child Fall League Sundays at 10:45am

          The Wonder Years is a 13 week USBC certified League.  Starts Sept. 8th, 2019.  Weekly Fees are $16 for  the 2 person teams and includes 3 games with use of ball and shoes and trophies at the banquet.  The is a $23 adult reg. fee and $22 child reg. fee. No bowling Sept. 29th. 


          Call Galaxy Lanes 810-695-2700

          or Leah the Youth Director 810-210-7461

          2226 E. Hill Rd. Grand Blanc, MI 48439